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Breach detection - do you have what it takes?

Is your detection and response technology 100% accurate, 100% of the time? If not, it’s time to turn the table on attackers!

For no charge, we will help you determine if you have been compromised, organisation wide, with no impact to end-users. Breaches can happen and do happen, unless you have the right tools, you probably don’t know you are already compromised. Many IT professionals feel that existing tools deliver sufficient protection but a constant stream of very public security breaches indicates how even the greatest brands fail to implement the right tools or manage them correctly. So what’s the problem?

Limitations with Anti-Virus

  • Difficult to detect multi-stage software

  • Not focused on detecting non-malware attacks (PowerShell, WMI)

  • Blind to attacks it misses – can’t detect after

  • Not enough evidence that malware can’t evade NGAV

Limited Investigation and Incident Response

  • Difficult to confirm Threat Intel (Does this file hash exist in my networks)

  • Limited ad-hoc hunting for new threat tactics

  • No history or loop-back forensics

  • Difficult to map network alerts to endpoint activity

Having wide visibility is a key requirement of compromise detection but the technology needs to be capable. While tools that help with patching and implementation of compensating controls can help pre-breach, post-breach it is nearly impossible without this new service we offer or a large team of forensics experts that will stop your normal business activities from functioning and come at great cost.

Delivered with a single agent providing multi-security functions and all processing taking place on a cloud-based platform, we can swiftly deploy our service that in less than 24 hours will determine if a host is compromised. We offer this capability for your entire organisation over a 14-day period.

Our technology is developed to inspect the entire registry, every file on an operating system, network connections, standard processes and mutating processes to ensue that no stone goes unturned!

If you do not have this capability in-house today or feel your existing solutions are adequate, think again. Gaining visibility beyond traditional Anti-Virus solutions, our indications of compromise service provides key use cases:

  • Threat intelligence verification

  • Network to endpoint linking

  • Hunting / finding suspicious activity

  • Detecting known / unknown malware family variants

Delivered ‘out of the box’, the service can illustrate pre-defined hunting of suspicious activity and custom hunting searches. Coverage extends to Azure, Amazon Web Services and the Google Cloud Platform. With our unique single view of assets we guarantee to speed up the pre and post-breach investigations. Reach out to our team to find out more and undertake an assessment of your network at no cost. Email us at

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