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Solving the challenge of finding the right technology to mitigate cyber risks impacting your organisation, at the right cost and implemented in a way which works with your operational processes. 

Solutions for a secure


Cyber Business Support Limited evolved to fill a void between leading technology vendors and end-users.  Founded by Nick Thomas to bring decades of knowledge surrounding cyber security to leading technology vendors and major businesses in Europe.  Our team compliments this knowledge with passion, pride and perfection for delivering exceptional solutions which often focus on the process over technology.  Our solutions focus on three core areas...

License Provision

Professional Services

Managed Services

Helping you find the right solutions

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for and just need the best price we can offer or you cherish our expertise that will help guide you to make the right decision for your business, Cyber Business Support can operate as your strategic sourcing, implementation and services partner.

Don't take our word for it, let us introduce you to our existing customer base who will be happy to share with you privately the value we deliver to every engagement.

We are the specialists for Identifying Security and Compliance Exceptions across systems, networks and processes with specific focus in the following areas:


  • Application Assessment and Firewalling

  • Cloud Security Assessment

  • CMDB Integration

  • Compliance Auditing

  • Email Filtering & Phishing Protection

  • Firewall Assurance & Network Mapping

  • Intrusion Prevention

  • Managed Services

  • Penetration Testing

  • Threat Protection

  • Vulnerability Management


Working with existing technologies and services, this can offer full visibility of any existing or new and unknown risk throughout your entire network, allowing you to make informed decisions to prioritise remedial tasks, thus significantly reducing the impact to the organisation. I would be happy to have a brief call to discuss how we can help you in this area.


A distinct, differentiating quality is our ability to review the business and technical security processes to ensure they match your organisation's regulatory, legislative and corporate obligations.

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New for 2018 : CISO as a Service

A tailoured service based on your own information security needs. You will have both on-site and remote access to your own CISO who can steer your information security strategy. This service can range in duration from being a few hours per month consultancy to an interim full time CISO.  the service can expand or contract according to your changing information security requirements and with knowledge transfer over time.

Benefits includes:

  • Our CISO service is proven to deliver significant cost savings and also be a reassuring presence of business stakeholders – employees and investors alike.

  • Access on or off-site to your own CISO who can steer your information security strategy.

  • Ability to deliver senior-level presentations of your security posture to key stakeholders, e.g. to your leadership team or regulators.

  • Assessment and development of the information security skills of your wider team.

  • Reduces threat of cyber attacks on your company – thereby potentially saving hundreds of thousands of pounds and the company’s reputation.

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"Working with all project stakeholders,

we ensure they’re happy with the technology

investment and alignment is achieved

with business goals."

Austin Challis, Director, Cyber Business Support

To discover how Cyber Business Support can make a difference with your organisation, download our company overview here.

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