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Incident Response

Few organisations are properly prepared to handle security breaches that can result in system outage or data breach.  Unfortunately, stakeholders typically learn of the compromise through external sources as internal systems are not correctly managed and monitored, be that through third-party suppliers or internal operations.  Our team can help to maintain calm when compromises arise, with supportive incident response plans designed to protect evidence, commission forensic analysis, limit data-loss, determine attack vectors and commence the clean-up process.  

Utilising specialist tools, we can provide remote and on-site assistance that will quickly identify indications of compromise to develop a remediation plan that not only removes malware or trojans but implements technical controls to lock-down systems and ensure future monitoring is implemented.

Our services are designed to detect malicious files, suspicious registry keys, rogue or mutated processes and illegitimate network connections.  In isolation, the elements may seem insignficant but when looked at in context of the whole system or even organisation, breach detection is possible.  While technology can identify problems at scale, it is critical that appropriate controls are embedded in a lasting strategy supported by C-level management and effective to every factor of an organisation.


Our service can ensure impact to daily operations is kept to a minimum, clean-up costs are minimised, the tasks do not drag-on and as breadth of an incident expands, the solution can efficiently scale.


Service benefits include:

  • Same-day deployment

  • Initial results visible within 24 hours

  • Faster and cheaper than introducing a forensics team

  • Shared access to forensics platform
  • Delivered remotely or on-site

  • Expert-led communications

A typical service delivered to provide breach investigation over 100 assets costs approximately £10,000 and lasts two weeks.

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