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Learn why Ofgem chose Qualys to meet their security and compliance needs.

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

In the case of Ofgem, Qualys had developed and deployed a suite of security solutions with the assistance of specialists at Cyber Business Support to integrate the new tools within their business processes.  This allowed Ofgem to have full visibility and control over their security and compliance issues throughout their infrastructure. Let us tell you more... With approximately 500 servers, mostly virtual by nature and a user base that extended beyond their 700 employees to potentially reach the entire UK population, Ofgem has to work meticulously when it comes to ensuring security of their systems. Web applications for example, are subject to a wide and increasing range of potential vulnerabilities from SQL injection and cross-site scripting to PHP manipulation, code execution and cross-site request forgeries. Ofgem must also take into account that workable security policies and standards are applied to every internal and external system on their network and Qualys services were employed to do just this.  Processes and techniques employed by the team at Cyber Business Support, internal IT and software development projects are now able to comply with rigorous security frameworks and be secure.

A full case study of this real-world scenario and others can be downloaded here

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