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Assessing the Security Configurations of Your IT Systems to streamline GDPR Compliance.

With Qualys Policy Compliance (PC), organisations can validate and track access to the files and databases on the systems involved in the storage and processing of this data, wherever it resides — on premises, in clouds or on endpoints.

Qualys PC also helps organizations eliminate security configuration exposures, thus reducing the risk of unauthorized access, and enforce proper security controls with out-of-the-box mandate-based reporting for GDPR requirements.

Among its many features and capabilities, Qualys PC provides organizations:

· complete visibility of their IT assets’ compliance status on premises, in cloud instances, and endpoints

· the ability to automate the evaluation of requirements against multiple standards, so organizations can identify issues quickly and prevent configuration drift

· a repeatable and auditable process for compliance management with prioritised remediation reports and exception management workflow

· compliance data available in dashboards and reports for different constituents: CxOs, auditors, risk managers, IT

In addition to GDPR, Qualys PC can help you comply with many other regulatory, industry and internal IT policy requirements. It covers more than 100 CIS certified policies, more than 40 vendor and mandate policies like ISO 27000 or PCI and over 120 versions of 60-plus technologies.

This breadth of coverage and versatility makes Qualys PC uniquely qualified to help your organization overcome the challenges of IT policy compliance today, caused by trends such as:

  • IT compliance requirements are increasing in number and complexity, as governments issue more regulations, industry groups release more mandates and organization’s own internal departments generate more policies.

  • IT environments that were previously homogeneous, residing mostly on premises, are increasingly hybrid and distributed, as organizations pursue digital transformation benefits via the adoption of technologies such as cloud computing, mobility, IoT and others.

  • The threat landscape is constantly changing, as hackers get more aggressive and their attacks more sophisticated, while the consequences of suffering security breaches are increasingly dire for affected organizations.

As part of the highly-scalable Qualys Cloud Platform, PC doesn’t require any software to install nor maintain — it’s accessed from the cloud via a web browser — and supports both remote scanning or agent-based assessment.

Along with PC, Qualys offers a growing suite of cloud-based, self-managed security and compliance apps for the needs of all your InfoSec and compliance teams, including those in charge of protecting on premises systems, public cloud infrastructure, web apps, DevSecOps environments and endpoint devices.

With Qualys PC, you will end up with the right controls and a repeatable assessment process for GDPR, so you can define compliance objectives, prioritize and remediate fixes, and document compliance in reports.

If you would like to see a demonstration of these services in action or work with us to appreciate if these tools can help your organisation, please get in touch or respond to this message.

To consider how to tackle compliance monitoring of third-parties and internal teams, we review aspects of the Qualys Security Assessment Questionnaire service in our earlier blog entry.

Credit: Tim White, Director Qualys Product Management

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